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The Basics:

NEW!! Now, you can compare ISP's!

  • Internet Service Providers Directory - Compare Internet provider rates, features, and promotions for standard dial-up, high speed dial-up, and broadband Internet access. In addition, users have access to an ISP buyers guide, FAQs, consumer reviews, and user submitted ratings.

Website Design Principles:


[ Get CoffeeCup - HTML Editor
& Flash Software ]

Promotion and Keywords:

SEO Consultants Directory - for a listing of reputable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialists.
One-Space Search Engine Placement- the Great thing about the internet is you can find help from any corner of the globe! This company is located in Israel, and is very reputable and attentive to client needs.
WordTracker - A great place to get an idea what keywords are the best to use for your website, and how many other websites are currently competing for those keywords.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective website promotion is KEY to the success of your online business. You should be aware that website promotion is truly a 'specialty' unto itself. The Internet, by its very nature, is in a constant state of flux, and keeping 'on top of' changes in submission policies, submission costs (some directories and engines DO charge for a listing) and code requirements for effective robot 'spidering' of your website can be a full time job. If you would prefer a third party launch, submit and promote your website, contact us for our recommendations regarding the best and most reasonably priced service for your needs.

Planning your marketing strategies:


A selection of programs, accessories and files for your education and enjoyment!
To download, Windows users "rignt click" and choose "save as". Mac users, click on the link and select where you want to save it to.

e-Books & Tutorials:

*These e-Books are in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed already, click the link to download it now, for FREE!

Software & Games:

  • Tarot - a little tarot deck for your desktop!
  • Milles Bornes - The French Road Racing Game... Caution, this game is Addictive! (Win9x/NT/2000)
  • The Bible v.4.1.2 - Digital Bible - (Caution: 11.1 MB download - Win9X)

How's Your "NETIQUETTE?"

  • IMAGE LINKING: If you are building your own website and instead of uploading your own images, you are linking to images on other people's websites, you are in essence, 'stealing bandwidth' from them.  If you want to use an image, request a copy of it from the site you saw it on, or use images of your own design.  This is only fair, and a sign of good 'internet manners'.
  • FOR MORE - Click HERE!


ALERT!!! Your bank will NEVER send you an email telling you to 'update' or 'verify' your account information online. If you receive such an email, it's "phishing" - an attempt at 'identity theft'. Report all such emails to http://www.antiphishing.org/ immediately.



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