Some final words...

I hope you have found this little e-book useful and informative, and easy to understand. You should, by now, have successfully created a website (of at least one page) and uploaded it to your host server, and been able to view it using your web browser.

Updating your files is simply a matter of changing the files mirrored on your own computer and uploading (overwriting) the files on the server with the new versions.

Like anything that is new, you will need to practice your new web design skills to develop them further. I have every confidence that you will become completely proficient, and learn to enjoy the work as much as I do!

With this in mind, I am including a series of useful links, and recommend that you check them out as you get the time to do so.

Onward and UPWARD!!!

Useful and Interesting LINKS:

Newbieclub.Com -
This is a wonderful site for people who are just breaking into the computer/internet world...there is a great deal of useful information here, for NEWBIES and 'seasoned' interneteers, as well as some great computer 'primers' for sale.

A great all-around information site, containing some GREAT primers on HTML, JAVASCRIPT and JAVA by JOE BURNS, PHD. Sign up for the won't regret it!

TUCOWS (The Ultimate Collection of WINSOCK Software) =
Just about any kind of Shareware and Trial Software you will ever need is available for download from TUCOWS.

BCentral.Com -
Get a free 'FastCounter' for your website, EASY TO INSTALL and they will e-mail your traffic reports to you weekly or monthly as you choose! Very reliable and accurate...perfect for a site whose server doesn't supply statistics tracking services!

If you REALLY want to get excited about web-development and explore the possiblities of DHTML and JavaScripting, check out this site! It's stupendous!!

Formula Graphics -
Get the FREEWARE button maker 'One Cool Button Tool' - great for making all kinds of navigation buttons for your website!

Free Gifs and Animations -
Go here for lots of ready-made gif images, backgrounds and animations for your website!

Big Nose Bird -
Want to get your feet 'wet' with CGI? Learn about Optimization, and HTML extras? Go to Big Nosed Bird - lots of links to other great webmaster stuff too!!

ClipArt.Com -
Looking for that 'just right' image for your website? Try going to ClipArt.Com...they just might have what you are looking for...all free of copyright and easy to download!


Dear Reader:

If you enjoyed this e-book, and would like to see more on advanced web development subjects, please let me know. I am currently considering some titles for my next couple of e-books, and they include:

  • Frames and Tables for Beginners
  • Images for Beginners
  • E-Commerce for Beginners
  • CGI for Beginners
  • JavaScript for Beginners
  • Java Applets for Beginners
  • Flash and Shockwave for Beginners


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